Let Their Experience Be Your Guide


Strengthen Your Skills

You're enrolled in TechRise PDX or NW Promise and looking for a job in the technology or healthcare industries. Or you've found a job (congratulations!) and need guidance as you navigate a new workplace. Welcome! The ELM program can set you up with a mentor who has gone through it before and can help you develop the skills you need to thrive. Once you get a referral from your career coach, the next step is to apply.


Who Are the Mentees?


A non-traditional workforce

  • A wide range of ages

  • May not have a college degree and are working on certifications

  • May not have a strong work history

  • May be balancing multiple commitments,
    including family and jobs

And diverse peoples

  • People of color

  • Women (in tech, specifically)

  • Low-income people

  • Immigrants and refugees

  • English language learners


  • People with disabilities



Why Become a Mentee?

  • To build a trusting relationship with an industry professional who is committed to supporting the career growth of diverse job seekers

  • To partner with an industry professional to advance your professional development

  • To increase your skills and knowledge to help get your foot in the door of your desired industry

  • To gain exposure to the culture of the technology or healthcare industries



The Ideal Mentee Candidate

  • Is actively enrolled in TechRise PDX or NW Promise

  • Has recently completed, or is about to complete, an industry training

  • Is within 6 months of pre-employment or post-employment

  • Is able to commit to meeting with a mentor over a 12-month period

  • Is motivated to pursue professional development goals

  • Is seeking a professional network or social capital to successfully launch a career in technology or healthcare

LENGTH: Most mentoring relationships
last about one year
TIME COMMITMENT: 1–2 hours per month
TRAINING: Mentors and mentees receive training before the mentoring relationship begins
COST: No cost to participants (this program is sponsored by Worksystems and Portland Leadership Foundation)



Next Steps for Mentees

Get a referral from your career coach

Submit an application

Schedule a phone call to discuss next steps

Complete a background check

Attend training

Get paired with a mentor

Have your first meeting:
– Share a little about yourself
– Get to know your mentor
– Review the Career Mentoring Code of Conduct together
– Create a communication and meeting plan

Meet once a month for 6–12 months